You plan to visit Munich at end of June or the beginning of July and are looking for a special and fun activity for this summer? We have a great suggestion for you! There is a special summer event you should not be missing: The Tollwood Festival! What Coachella is for the US, Tollwood Festival is for Germany – at least for Munich, Bavaria. Hostel Munich would like to tell you all the important information concerning this special event.

What is Tollwood Festival?

Tollwood is a festival that takes place twice a year in Munich and each time it lasts about a month. You can easily reach the festival from Hostel Munich with the interurban train followed by the subway. The Tollwood Summer festival includes concerts of national and international artists, as well as performances of comedians and special workshops such as this year’s Yoga, Graffiti-Spraying and Didgeridoo lessons.

Each day there is another artist performing on stage and another workshop one can join. Of course all performances and activities take place at least twice during the festival so that everyone has the chance to experience them. There are a lot of workshops organized by ”hippidrom” this year that will especially please all the hipsters, hippies, and hippie-fans of us. The schedule with all the events and extra information is listed on the official website of the Tollwood Festival.

The big advantage: You don’t need a ticket to enter the festival! Some of the performances and activities require their own tickets, but most of them are free. So the Tollwood Festival is not just an amazing festival to go to, it is also an inexpensive one!

But don’t expect too much concerning international artists: while the local and german artists who participate are quite famous here, the international artists aren’t that famous as Rihanna or Justin Bieber. Still they come with good music which is worth a visit!

History of the Tollwood Festival

The first Tollwood Festival took place in 1988 at Olympia Park. It was organized by its own company the Tollwood GmbH. At that time only local musicians got to perform. After 1991 more and more international artists joined the festival and amazed the people. Since then the organizers also emerged a Tollwood Festival in Winter. The only difference is that it does not take place at Olympia Park, but on the Theresienwiese, which you can easily reach with public transport as well!

If this sounds great to you, but you unfortunately cannot come to munich this summer, then maybe you can join the festival in winter which is as great! Maybe we will see you at the Tollwood Festival this year!

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