While visiting Bavaria’s beautiful capital Munich, you should definitely spend some time in one of the beautiful parks. Our Hostel Munich would like to introduce to you the best parks in Munich to sunbath at, have picnics in, cycle in or just to soak in the nature.

Parks in Munich – 8 spots, you should not miss

Nymphenburg palace park

Taking a walk in the park of Nymphenburg Palace makes you feel like you’re of royalty yourself. The park consists of basins, fountains, lakes, pavilions and other decorative elements that please and relax the eyes. You can also visit the amazing palace itself and see how the former royalty lived in splendor there. The Nymphenburger Schloss is one of the biggest and most visited palaces in Europe.


The royal Hofgarten is also worth a visit. It is located next to the popular Residenz Building, the home of former Wittelsbacher rulers. The beautiful Hofgarten pavillon and fountain are famous photo spots and therefore naturally popular amongst tourists.


Westpark has got everything a good park should offer: hills, lakes, barbecue areas, benches in the greenery and playgrounds. In the summertime, the popular “Kino, Mond und Sterne” open air cinema shows recent blockbusters. You don’t need to fly a long way to Asia – just visit the Chinese and Japanese gardens in Westpark and you can experience some of the asian flair.

English Garden

The English Garden is the most popular and largest of the parks in Munich. It is even larger than the Central Park in New York. The English Garden is great place for everybody: it has got a calm, idyllic section in the north perfect for relaxing in the sun. But it has also a more lively area in the south, where you can slackline, surf at the Eisbach or enjoy a good beer at the Chinese Tower, the most visited beer garden in Munich.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is home to 14,000 species of plants. The greenhouses with their warm temperatures, tropical flowers and beautiful butterflies are great place to escape cold and rainy weather in fall or winter. A must see for any biologist.


If you enjoy cute animals more than exotic plans, the Hirschgarten is the best park in Munich for you. Hirschgarten means deer garden, which indeed it is: here you can watch live deer. Furthermore ist offers a water playground and Munich’s largest beer garden. Also it is one of the parks in Munich, with a very long history. In 1780 Elector of Bavaria Charles Theodore had establishes an animal garden, where about one hundred deer were settled. After some years it has been opened to the public and is since then one the most popular parks in Munich.

Riemer Park

In 1992 the Riem Airport was closed, but the city of Munich wanted to reuse that huge place and decided to implement a new green residential district there in 1995. And so the Riemer Park was born. It has got a little lake and many hills, from where you can go sledding in winter time.

Olympic Park

The Olympic Park is known for its various activities. How about enjoying Munich from above? Ride the elevator to the top of the famous Olympia Tower and take in the sight of our beautiful city. The ,,Kino am Olympiasee’’ is an open air cinema showing you recent blockbusters. The Munich Olympic Walk of Stars along the Olympiasee shows handmarks on the floor’s concrete from world-famous people such as Dalai Lama, David Copperfield or Bon Jovi. At the Olympiapark you can also go deep down into the fascinating underwater world. At Sea Life Aquarium you can experience a variety fish and other animals from rivers, lakes, seas and oceans from around the world.

As you can see, there are a lot beautiful parks in Munich, which are worth being explored. Put them on your bucket list for your next trip to Munich. If you need an accomodation for your stay, we would love to welcome you in our clean, central and cheap hostel.

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