In this article, our Hostel Munich would like to introduce to you the best bars in Munich you should visit during your stay. From modern rooftop bars to classy and cosy ones – here’s something for each taste.

Top 10 of the best bars in Munich

China Moon Roof Terrace

One of the best bars in Munich is this special rooftop bar located on the top of the Hotel Mandarin Oriental. It is the perfect venue to enjoy a cocktail and a wonderful view over Munich.

Menehune Bar

If you prefer the more exotic approach this is one of the best bars in Munich to go to. Menehune Bar is located inside Hotel Bayerischer Hof’s famous Trader Vic’s Restaurant. Enjoy some delicious exotic cocktails in a polynesian themed setting, which is relaxing and elegant at the same time.

Bar of Bel Air

The Bar of Bel Air is another rooftop terrace, that can be definitely considered as one of the best bars in Munich. If you’ve never been to a bar in a former shipping container then this is your chance. Located near the eastern train station this one of a kind hipster bar provides you with great dishes and delectable cocktails.

Zephyr Bar

This bar’s cocktails are created according to the bar’s own recipes. The drinks are seasonal, so they change once in a while but never fail to impress and please the guests. The bartenders take their time to advise you on the drinks you may like. For those reasons Zephyr Bar is of course one of the best bars in Munich.

Couch Club

What about enjoying Gin and Tonic on comfortable couches instead of seats? The Couch Club is a gin lover’s paradise! It is a small and intimate bar, that offers a variety over 150 different gins in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. They also offer regular gin tastings. No wonder that it is one of the best bars in Munich.

Cole & Porter

One of the best bars in Munich is also definitely Cole & Porter. This bar is inspired by the famous jazz musician Cole Porter. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a good drink in a fine and classy atmosphere while listening to some good jazz music.

Negroni American Bar

This bar is build after the typical american bars. Here one can enjoy modern and classic cocktails. You like a drink that’s not on the card? No problem, the barkeepers there will put together a drink according to your desires.

Die Goldene Bar

The ,,Goldene Bar’’ is an interesting hipster bar located at the art museum ,,Haus der Kunst’’. The golden walls of the interior, hence the bar’s name, are covered with maps of various parts of the world, which makes the location so pretty and interesting. Besides alcoholic drinks there are many options for non alcohol cocktails and beverages as well. No wonder that this bar is also one of the best bars in Munich.

H’ugo’s Pizza-Bar-Lounge

H’ugo’s is a stylish bar, lounge, restaurant and nightclub – all in one on different areas of the building. One of the best bars in Munich for a night out with friends.

Falk’s Bar

Last but not least, Falk’s Bar, one of the best bars in Munich, is located at the ,,Spiegelsaal’’ of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel. The menu contains classical cocktails as well as new and modern concoctions. This is the best place if you want to enjoy a drink in a very elegant and luxurious atmosphere


Make sure to keep our list of the best bars in Munich in mind during your next trip to Munich if you are looking a good bar to spend the night at. And if you are looking for a cheap and clean hostel for your stay in Munich, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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