Exploring the streets of Munich or doing some shopping around town left you hungry and thirsty? Our Hostel Munich “Rent A Room” presents its favorite restaurants in Munich, ranging from traditional Bavarian dishes to foreign cuisine, from cozy and relaxed settings to exquisite dining. Among the following recommendations you will surely find your perfect choice to enjoy delicious food of all kinds and needs in an amazing atmosphere.

Café Zeitgeist

This dining spot in the Türkenstraße is both, bar and restaurant in central Munich. Is the place to meet and eat for young people and succeeds to appease one’s hunger and thirst from breakfast until dinner. You find a broad selection of starters, salads and bowls as well as delicious main dishes such as burgers, quesadillas, pasta. Its philosophy centers around good food quality that respects the welfare of animals and is as regional as possible. Definitely worth a visit!


Broeding surprises its diners with an innovative concept. They serve a six-course menu which is changed every night. Apart from this exclusive highlight, this restaurant in Munich devoted itself to an exquisite wine selection. Sommeliers choose the wine recommendations that best complement each of the daily dishes.

Little London

This steak restaurant in Munich will delight meat lovers! Little London is a stylish English gourmet dining place that offers a broad selection of steaks with great grill taste. One of their great steak options combined with delicious salads or starch make the perfect meal to satisfy a hungry belly. You can enjoy one or several drinks of their huge selection until early a.m.
But this restaurant in Munich is also suitable for vegetarians and guests with food intolerances. The high quality of food paired with the nice atmosphere and friendly service comes with a bit pricier outcome – but an outcome that is enjoyable from start to its end.

Schwarzreiter Tagesbar und Restaurant

The dining experience at Schwarzreiter in the famous Maximilianstraße might be one that you will never forget. It offers quality, detail and taste on both plate and seating atmosphere.Schwarzreiter is specialized in the creation of Young Bavarian cuisine which entails that each meal will have at least one Bavarian ingredient or method of preparation. The Schwarzreiter restaurant in Munich has even been awarded a Michelin Star, which speaks for itself. Whoever wishes to enjoy their delicious gourmet dishes ranging from Bavarian Spätzle to fish or modern variations of the Kaiserschmarrn, should make reservations.
Eating at one of their dining rooms with stylish, partly even pompous decor and watching the people pass by the Maximilianstraße might be one of the must-dos on your trip to Munich.

Max Pett

If you happen to be a vegetarian or vegan, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to stop by at this special restaurant in Munich. Max Pett offers a huge variety of vegan dishes ranging from vegan bowls, soups, burger meat substitutes to veganized local Bavarian food. This is one of the rare places where even vegans can enjoy typical Bavarian specialties like Weißwurst, Käsespätzle and Wiener Schnitzel in Munich. Given that its philosophy is to serve dishes with good food quality and that vegan food often comes with high prices, eating at this one of the restaurants in Munich is a bit more expensive. Whether you enjoy breakfast at Max Pett, lunch or dinner: For people with a vegan lifestyle this turns out to be a piece of heaven served on plates!

Naxos Taverna

Whoever enjoys mediterranean food, should go with the Greek food that is served at this gourmet restaurant in Munich west, Obermenzing. Even the pickiest palate will be delighted with the excellent Greek meals at Naxos Taverna. The friendly and obliging service als entails meeting special nutritional needs such as a glutenfree and dairy free dishes. This restaurant in Munich definitely has a fair price-performance-ratio. Making reservations at this spot is definitely a good idea, since its delicious Greek cuisine and the lovely atmosphere is very popular among Munich locals and everyone in love with Greek food. You will not regret sitting on the atmospheric terrace below lots of space heaters and being served one of their tasty dishes.

As these few selected recommendations already demonstrate, there is a restaurant in Munich to suit each and every taste.We wish you a delicious experience, that will make your trip to Munich a culinary highlight!

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