Before visiting Bavaria you do a lot of research about the area, the sights and the activities offered there, don’t you? Whereas less people actually inform themselves about the German/Bavarian. Bavarian stereotypes may be the most popular and probably also the most funny ones, however not all of them are true. If you plan to visit the Bavarian capital, our Hostel Munich helps you to brace yourself for the Bavarian stereotypes – but are they true?


One of the most common Bavarian stereotypes describes that everyone wears leather trousers, the traditional Lederhose, almost all the time. However, this is not true. Of course our fellow men wear those with love and proud, but only at special national celebrations as the annual Oktoberfest. Moreover, the lederhosen are only suitable for men. Yet, also girls are wearing lederhosen at special occasions as traditional festivals. They know how to combine them in order to look still feminine and cool. In daily life however, Bavarian people dress as casually as other people around the world.

Drinking beer all the time

When you think about people in Munich, you may think about their famous, regularly consumed beer. This is partly true. At certain traditional festivals, as the upcoming Oktoberfest, beer is a must. Also while going out at night, beer is a popular beverage. It’s a fact, that Bavaria has a lot more breweries in contrast to other countries. Probably the beer drinking prejudice emerged because of that.

Eating meat and sausages all day

Another well-known example of the Bavarian stereotypes is that Bavarians like to eat a lot of sausages as the famous Weißwurst and Currywurst or having meals with meat as for example a good ,,Schweinsbraten”. Although they are known for those dishes and about 1500 different types of sausages, this cliché is partly true. Actually the most consumed food in Bavaria is the Turkish Kebap and not the mentioned meat and sausages. This may be surprising for you, but for us it is not. All in all one can say that Bavarians are indeed meat lovers.

Always on time

Although this is a stereotype which includes whole Germany, it does thus count to the Bavarian stereotypes as well. If you think that Bavarians are always on time, you should know that delays of trains, metros etc. belong to our daily lifes and thus people get late to meetings, work and school. But if we have the opportunity to arrive on time, then usually we do.

As you see stereotypes are just stereotypes. If you want to know what Bavarians are really like, then come and visit our beautiful country and find it out by yourself.